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Ethics at the Center of Teaching International Relations

Dear Members of the Global Affairs Learning Community: As I revise CGA at NYU syllabi for the coming year, my attention is focused on identifying literature that places ethics at the heart of our interactions in the classroom. All our activities, including the crisis scenarios, will have this focus. Your suggestions are most welcome in […]

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From Mailbox to Inbox: Realizing the Classroom without Borders: Integrating Communication Technology in the Ethnic Conflicts Learning Community

Colette Mazzucelli, Meital Tzobotaro, and Angela Deane “To-day, however, those things which occupy us in the field of education are the interests of humanity at large, and of civilization, and before such great forces we can recognize only one country – the entire world.” – Maria Montessori, The Montessori Method (1912) For educators, events in […]

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Acknowledging the “Liberalism of Fear” in Breaking a Conspiracy of Silence: Sexual Violence in Conflict

In the 21st century, the violence humanity experiences does not confine its cruelty within the borders of enduring totalitarian regimes. Nor does it find primary expression in warfare among states. The violence against humanity in our time is a pain suffered largely in silence by those women, men, and children who are the casualties of […]

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